Meet some of the team at S&K Service

S&K Service began in 1974 as a partnership between a son, Sackett and his Step-Father, Knight.  It grew in the eighties in the Seattle area doing mainly home remodeling and some small to medium scope commercial projects.  In the nineties it moved to a more residential focus with a drive to rehab and repair destroyed homes to make them habitable again.  It maintained consistent steam through the 2000’s doing home remodeling and turning basements into living space.

In late 2011, a grandson took over operational control of the company and started a second division in Eastern Washington that is still active in construction and remodeling with a focus in roofing and siding.  S&K Service also enjoys working as a sub-contractor and instead of working in competition, regularly works synergistically with other excellent contractors in the area.  Recently, we have expanded operations accepting jobs all over the state.  As an Eastern Washington based crew, we can actually provide excellent prices for our customers in Seattle and Tacoma.

Our Team

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Arnold Dodson – CEOCrew Foreman/Owner
Phone: + 509 361-9178

Wade Sackett – Operations Manager
Phone: +1 509 361-9402

Brent Heroux – Crew lead
Saul Ramos – Roofing, siding, & painting
Austin Peterson – Roofing & Metal Roofing
Andrey Vahk – Roofing
Josh Brown – Roofing

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